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Planning for productivity


When your flower growing gets past hobby stage and you need to be making the most of every moment in your day and every inch of your field, then you need to Plan for Productivity. This workshop shows you what data to record and how to ensure you work less, produce more and earn the most money possible.

Claire delivered an excellent course on improving productivity and profitability. Because the content is directed specifically towards flower farming rather than general business development, I found it particularly useful. Using the tools taught on the course, I am able to identify and improve on those areas of my flower farming business that need attention, and continue to grow my business with renewed focus. This is a great course for anyone who is serious about the business of growing and selling flowers. Thank you Claire!
Claire, is knowledgeable and generous and clear in sharing that knowledge. This is a real hands on life/business changing workshop and I can’t speak highly enough of what I have got out of it. I would highly recommend both Claire’s flower business workshops