What time of year are my favourite flowers available?

During a Pinterest board discussion with a Bride to be this week, I was reminded that i'm so lucky to be familiar with lots of flowers, and to know the season's that they will be available in. So in a bid to help out all those who's description of what they like is "that pink one" Here's the first of a series of posts about when flowers are in season.

The Nation's favourite flower is the Rose

If they are grown in a glasshouse or covered tunnel, they can be flowering in England by mid to late May depending on the season. and continue flowering (in bursts) until Late October / Mid November. Yes that does mean that all those Valentine Roses are imported from a long way away. The best months (meaning the months they flower the most prolifically here in the UK even if they're grown outdoors) are June, and September.

The second most known flower is the Peony

These are around for a lot less time than the Roses, just a short 3 week season for most British Peonies each year. If you want to make sure you can have a locally grown Peony in your Wedding bouquet, then the last half of June, into July is when you need to plan your wedding. If you get married in August, then your peonies will need to come from Alaska, later in the year and they'll be from the southern hemisphere, New Zealand or Chile maybe.

Wildflowers. Natural wildflowers flower en masse in a meadow, and there are different types for most of the year, but when i get asked for wildflower style, most brides are wanting smaller, dainty flowers. These may include Cornflowers, or Corncockle, or Feverfew or Nigella. 

The Early summer months of May, June and July are the best times for a wildflower theme, giving you the widest range of varieties. 

Dahlias are back in fashion now, and the wonderful range of colours mean that they are perfect for wedding flowers

Although they may start popping up in Instagram feeds from late June. They're not available in any numbers until Late July, early August, and they peak in numbers and variety in early September. They keep going though until the first frosts, so that's mid October until the beginning of November depending on your latitude.

Ranunculus. Newer to the wedding scene, but completely gorgeous are the many petalled Ranunculus. Even better, these are available at a different time of year to Roses and Peonies, with availability in spring from March through May, and for a short period from selected glasshouses in the Autumn

and last for now is the Anemone. My first few have been available in my Polytunnel this week, and they will be flowering prolifically within a couple of weeks time. With both covered and outside crops, they will be giving me blooms until the beginning of June. Occasionally i have a few blooming in November, and they are available commercially from Cornish growers with benign climates in the late Autumn.

Which flower would you like to know the natural season for? If you've an absolutely favourite flower, let me know what it is, so that you can find the best season to celebrate it in your event flowers.