Welcome to the new Plantpassion blog home

So, after 10 years of writing my blog, i've changed where it lives. It feels like a momentous occasion, and one i hope i haven't made a big mistake over.

I'm hoping with this new place on my new website, i'll be able to write even more about what's happening at the farm. Make sure you know what's flowering in my little corner of Surrey, and keep you up to date with the gardening and flower farming that i'm doing through the year. I'm also hoping i can show you more of the wonderful pictures that Emma Davies has taken over the last couple of  years. She's brave and has been up on the field in all weather's the same as me.

Trying to make sure she's taken photos of everything before i pick it, not matter how cold it is or how early in the morning. (this is the shot she got from the other end of the row)

So with a new website, and blog home, and lots of photos to show off the flowers, 2017 should be a great year for letting you know what's happening at Plantpassion. Please do have a good look round the website, to see what else we're up to, and let me know what you think. Will the new house become a good home?