Cropping this month - March

Every year is slightly different, and this bit at the beginning of the season is the place where the most changes in the shortest period of time take place. We go from being cold and wintery to there being warmth in the air and blooms on the field very quickly. This weekend was warm, so all of a sudden there are things popping out.

I don't start inviting people up to the Hill top farm until this month, as the field is mostly bleak and covered in plastic to prevent weeds through out the winter months. But there are pockets of flowers and foliage that i'm picking from.

The Anemones are budding up in the Polytunnel. - I picked a handful last Tuesday for orders and there were a few more this morning, so they are picking up, and there should be plenty in 10 days time

As well as these lovely white anemones, there are some Burgundy colour bordeaux ones coming too, and there will be more whites, blues, reds and pinks on the field soon.

The first Daffodils are flowering. We've been buying in from the Early Cornish fields, but now our own Surrey ones are catching up.

The Euphorbia is colouring up. Now this isn't everyone's favourite as some people have an allergy to the sap, but for early season burst of acid yellow, it can't be beaten. We've got the large variety Wulfenii, and the smaller Robbaie as well.

The yellow of the Kerria is just starting to bud up. It's a shrub that would take over my front garden if i let it. Luckily, my florists are great at helping me keep it under control, and the yellow stems of double flowers get well cut each year.

The hyacinths are budding up in the polytunnel. These short and short lived bulbs are wonderful in their brilliance, both in colour and in scent. - My succession planting of them this year seems to have gone awry, All the colours and all the plantings look like they will flower at once in the couple of weeks!

There is Spring Blossom poised on the trees around the field. Some kind of prunus. It's flowered between 18th March and 9th April in previous years, so i'm guessing it will come out at some point in that period.

Also in the polytunnel and just waiting to burst when there's some warmth are my poppies. In previous years i've only had bright mixed colours, but i've added to them this year with pinks and whites. Of course i don't yet have details of how quickly they will flower, or how many stems i'll get, but i'm sure they will keep me on my toes for the next couple of months and then i'll be able to let you know.

There are also lots of hellebores flowering at the farm and at home. I usually wait to cut them until the seedbeds have formed, but they have lovely long stems this year, so we may be parting with a few this month


and then foliage wise, - i've got Rosemary, Willow, curly willow, and the last of the season's Eucalyptus (lots more of that being planted this year), plus prunings from clients gardens.

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