That's a wrap - End of the season in numbers.

It’s only the 31st October, but even before November has begun, our season is at an end.

Pick your own.jpg

With freezing temperatures overnight twice this week, the Dahlias are completely gone. Our other tender plants have stopped producing flowers, and the half hardy annuals have gone from perky and producing to sad and soggy. So now it’s time to call a halt on the 2018 season, work on lots of preparation for 2019, and do plenty of reviewing of the year.

Luckily I didn’t feel too bad, as the end of last week, we had lots of Pick your own customers, plus our last wedding of the season, so we used up plenty of the flowers. Thanks to all those who came and took part.

After 6 season’s now we’ve really got to the point where we have a good idea of what we’re doing, so despite the dreadful weather for growers, the season’s sales have been better than ever before , and as always we’re really grateful for all our wonderful customers.

This year there have been flowers for 24 weddings, (and quite a few parties as well) These were some of the last of the season.

October wedding flowers.jpg

There were 20 weeks of Friday flowers, with the season going through Tulips, Ranunculus, Alliums, Cornflowers, Antirrhinums, Peonies, Hydrangeas, Phlox, Sunflowers, Dahlias, Gladioli and Chrysanthemums.

A total of 22 florists have bought our flowers regularly, with 218 signing up to find out what’s available.

Plus 92 people have come to our workshops or flower clubs this year (and 3 of our flower club ladies got married, all doing some of their own flowers!)

So the Question i’m always asked is, - What do you do in the winter?

Well we’ll be finishing planting the 1000’s of ranunculus, anemones, 5000 tulips and other bulbs that will make a large part of our April and May flowers.

The Dahlias will all be lifted from the ground, and we’ll be storing them before propagating them in spring.

We’ll be collecting together all the seed heads and interesting seasonal berries and flowers that will go with the evergreen foliage for our Winter wreaths. (There are still a few places left on our Workshop at High Clandon Vineyard)

Plus i’m working on workshops for next year. Dates are available already.