Looking after your flowers, and keeping them fresh and at their best for your wedding or event

When you get your flowers from Plantpassion, they'll already be conditioned. This means that unlike market flowers, you don't need to cut the ends, soak them overnight, strip off foliage or take off side shoots or deadhead and divide up the bundles. Our stems will come ready for you to use except cutting to length. However there are quite a few things that you can do to make sure they stay as fresh as possible. Here's our suggestions.

Wedding flowers in a car.jpg

1) when you take them home in the car, wedge them in (gently) in the footwell, so that the buckets don't fall over the first corner you take. We can provide you with buckets if you are able to recycle them back to us within a week - if not, please bring some of your own. (Please note they need to be CLEAN otherwise the flowers will perish, buckets that have had cement in, or have been used to clean the floor with detergent are a no-no, unless you’ve washed them out well)

2) when you get them home, transfer them into fresh water, - either into fresh/  more buckets or rinse out the buckets you've brought them home in and fill again. They should ideally be half full of water, and do check that in the moving of them the stems are all at the same length, and they're all still in the water.

Make sure all the stems are still in water after you’ve finished your journey by moving them into clean fresh buckets.

Make sure all the stems are still in water after you’ve finished your journey by moving them into clean fresh buckets.

3) if you're not using them straight away, store them in a cool dark place. Note they don't have to be cold, just cool.  These flowers have been grown on a field, and the only travelling they've done is home in your car, so they're not used to refrigerated temperatures and won't need cold as you're going to use them in the next day or 2. My Hall and downstairs cloakroom are the best places in my house, or a spare bedroom with the curtains closed is good. A garage or a shed in summer is not a good idea as it will have extremes of temperature.

4) Things that will make the flowers go off quickly are 

  • Heat,

  • Sources of ethylene (fruit, or petrol, so don't stop for fuel on the way home if you can help it, or store your flowers next to the bananas)

  • Bright sunlight,

  • Dirty water

  • Not using sharp scissors / secateurs (if the stems are damaged they will go mouldy quicker, so sharp tools are required)

5) Your flowers have been picked to be open perfectly at the time of your wedding, so when you pick them up a day or so before, they will need to open just a bit more. We've done all the work for you, picking them at the correct stage, so if you follow the instructions above, they'll look wonderful for your wedding. If you want them to carry on looking lovely afterwards, do remember to take vases / or jam jars with you to put any bouquets back in, especially if you're having photos later in the day. Because they're fresh flowers, we're often told that our table flowers last well over a week, but we do use blooms like Roses which are at their peak, so may need deadheading, while the others carry on flowering.

6) Enjoy your flowers and your Wedding party, and do please send us photos of how the flowers looked, particularly if you've arranged them yourselves. 

Photo by Ariana  www.arinaphotography.co.uk