Wedding Flowers

If you want fresh, scented, locally grown flowers that are fabulous for weddings and events, then Plantpassion can help you. We are flower farmer / florists, which means that we grow a very wide range of seasonal flowers and pick the best of what's on the field on a certain day to match your wedding colours. They are either made into bouquets, buttonholes and displays for you to take away to your venue, or are supplied to you in boxes of themed flowers that you can take away and enjoy making into special arrangements with family and friends.

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Bouquets and Buttonholes

All our Bouquets are totally unique and use the best of the ingredients on the field on that day to your theme.  I admit to not planning months in advance, there wouldn't be any point in that, as the best flowers change each day. I often spot that perfect bloom and design the bouquet around it, whether that's a sweetpea at perfection, a dahlia at it's best, a rose giving the most scent, or something more unusual that cries out to be centre of attention. Each month there is something different that takes priority. We create a bouquet that suits you, so the size will depend on your style of dress, your budget, and your preferred shape.

DIY Buckets of Flowers

A lot of our Wedding flowers go from the barn to be made into DIY flower displays. Whatever your level of flower arranging, cutting a flower stem to length to fit into a bottle, or putting together a themed range of flowers for jam jars and collected containers is satisfying and allows you to take part in your making your wedding flowers.

For those with more skill, we can provide boxes for larger displays, and for church flowers that need to be made up in situ

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Seasonal, Scented, Sustainable

The time of year that you get married in will dictate the type of flowers that you can have. So pop over to our portfolios so you can choose the best time to plan your nuptials, 

Spring Flowers, Summer Flowers, Autumn Flowers, Winter Flowers.

What could be nicer than walking down the aisle with the perfume of fresh flowers. With our blooms and fillers you can, because we don't use any chemicals and we use a wide range of herbs, and have lots of mints, rosemary, special lavenders, sages, oreganos and thymes. to add to your displays and particularly wedding bouquets to ensure all your senses are delighted on your special you'll get perfume, not chlorine.

Because they're grown locally, without chemicals, and we don't use any excess plastics or floral foams, you can be sure our flowers are more sustainable than any others you can get.

More Questions ? Have a look at our FAQ's, pop over to the blog to read about Vases, and about some of the weddings that we've done in the last couple of years, and if you're interested, fill in the Enquiry form below, to see if we have availability on your event date

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