Flower Club

If you've always wanted to have flowers in the house, but don't know how to choose them, how to arrange them, or what to pick throughout the year, then this flower club is for you

I have been attending Flower Club at Plantpassion for some time now. This is where you meet with like minded flower enthusiasts and Claire. We sip warm coffee and munch on yummy homemade cake and Claire talks us through the topic of the class which differs each time, and each time, is massively interesting. She gives advice to growers but also caters for us “pick and plonkers” (a style of arranging). We then take a short tour around the fields to see how and where the flowers are grown. My favourite part of the club is after the tour, the arranging. Claire picks fresh flowers from her fields and displays them in flower arranging tubs/buckets. We then help ourselves and arrange in our own vases/bottles. Claire is there to offer advice and support but isn’t pushy or leading at all. Which is so brilliant because as a fellow teacher, I know how hard this can be! I honestly love going to Flower Club and would thoroughly recommend it.
— Cally

The aim of our sessions is to demystify the buying and arranging of flowers, and to use the freshest most seasonal blooms in a range of displays. It’s a chance for you to have a go at arranging blooms “for fun” without rules and regulations, and because you like “the look”

Between April and September, we'll introduce you to the best seasonal blooms and show you how to use them.

For each session there is a £15 booking fee,

The 2 hour Club meeting includes

  • a talk about one aspect of flowers through the seasons

  • a tour of the field,

  • an arranging demo using our fresh flowers 

Then it’s over to you. Use our fresh cut flowers to create your displays. Each session we’ll be making a different type of arrangement. Our flowers will be individually priced, and you can choose as many or few as you like to arrange in your vase.

We are a working flower farm, so we do ask you to “dress down” for our flower clubs, please do have a look at our terms and conditions that apply to all our Talks, workshops and flowers clubs

It was a great morning, I knew I would love it as I have been to Claire’s field and workshops before.
Very informative and practical learning, a great morning away from the usual for me. Thank you Claire

When you’ve joined us for 2 or more flower club/ floristry workshop sessions, then you can join as a flower club member and come along to the barn on Friday and some Saturday mornings to pick from our selection of picked flowers to take home and arrange for yourself.