Flower Club

If you've always wanted to have flowers in the house, but don't know how to choose them, how to arrange them, or what to pick throughout the year, then this flower club is for you

For Everyone from Beginners up

The aim of our sessions is to demystify the buying and arranging of flowers, and to use the freshest most seasonal blooms in a range of displays. Between April and September, we'll introduce you to the best seasonal blooms and show you how to use them.

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What does it include

For each session there is a £15 booking fee,

The 2 hour Club meeting includes

a talk about one aspect of flowers through the seasons

a tour of the field,

an arranging demo using what's in bloom that day.



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Have a go yourself

If you're inspired by the talk and demo, you can have a go yourself. The last part of the session is for you to make an arrangement to take home.

We'll give you advanced warning to bring a Vase or vessel with you, as we try something different each time

Buy as many or as few of the freshly picked blooms available to you (warning we are a floral sweet shop) and just pay for the flowers you use for your display.

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