Flowers for Florists

If you're a florist wanting seasonal quality flowers, freshly picked, at a good value price, in any quantity you want, then you're in the right place.

We sell wholesale flowers to discerning Surrey florists, who know that locally grown means fresh, quality stems that they can't always get elsewhere.

Event florists love working with us as we have quirky different blooms that aren't available at the markets.

Retail florists love working with us as they know that their shops will be filled with real scent.

How do we work?

We work with Florists of all sizes, and set our stem costs for the year in advance so that you can have certainty when pricing for events. You can buy whatever quantities you want from us, from just 1 stem, up to hundreds at a time. If you just want enough for one bouquet, that's fine, no need to buy wraps of 50 of each variety.

We pick our flowers, fillers and foliage first thing in the morning, and then they are left to condition in our barn until our florists come and collect. We like to work with you regularly so that we get to know your requirements and which of our newly flowering plants you’ll be interested in.

Our working hours at the farm are Tuesday-Friday mornings until Lunchtime. But we're flexible for pickups and have an “out of hours” pick up location if you want a different time.

 Our barn has been described as "A floral sweet shop"

If you're excited to start buying from us, and you're based within collection distance of the Farm in East Clandon, Surrey, please do sign up to our availability list below. We'll send you a weekly email of what's available from the farm April until October.

September 2019 : Please note we currently have a waiting list for new florists, and will only be selling to our current florists list for the rest of the 2019 season
— Claire

Growers Buckets

Ideal for those creating seasonal bouquets, and great for florists starting with using British Flowers, and working with us at Plantpassion. We’ll do the work and provide a mixed bucket of flowers and fillers/ foliage to a theme.

Thursday morning choose your own

Just want a few stems for a bouquet, or a photo shoot, or to add to those from your garden. Maybe you want to top up your market buys? Thursday morning between 10and one is your opportunity to come and pick from our already cut selections. Just let us know you’re coming.

DIY buckets.jpg


Order by the stem

Our regular florists order from us by the stem. Fill in the form below to ensure you get your choice of Focal flowers, Fillers and foliage.