Subscription Flowers

As well as delivering for special occasions, we offer Our Seasonal stems as subscription flowers. For those who like to decorate their house on a regular basis, our blooms offer a scented, ever changing range as an alternative to Supermarket flowers. 

We don't offer you flowers squashed into a box, dried out in the post and squeezed through your letterbox!. All our flowers are picked into water, and delivered to you in a bucket (flower arranger) or vase (year of flowers)  with picked this morning freshness, from a flower farm you can go and see, and with the human touch of being able to talk to the grower. They are also at excellent value prices as as a thank you for paying in advance for them. These subscriptions are great as joint presents for birthdays and celebrations. We deliver to the villages or Horsley and Clandon (KT24 and GU4) or they can be picked up from the farm or from Crossroads Village Store in West Horsley.

diy flowers bucket.jpg

Flower Arranger 6 weeks

Our DIY buckets of flowers for events are so popular that we've brought in a half size version of 6 bunches of coordinating flowers and fillers, for our local flower arrangers

Buy a 6 week subscription for £150 (saving £45)

= £25 a week


Flower Arranger 12 Weeks

6 bunches of flowers and fillers each week, changing as the season progresses, so you'll never have the same things each time.

Buy a 12 week subscription for £264 (saving £126)

== £22 a week

bouquet blue and white autumn.jpg

Year of Flowers

11 bouquets of flowers arranged in a vase January to November, and a Christmas wreath in December. Seasonal blooms will mean each month is completely different

Buy a year subscription for £360 (saving £120)

= £30 a month

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