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THE Book

About 3 years ago, after a particularly intense bout of questioning about what flowers were available in what colours when from one of my regular florists, Vanessa Birley, She said the fateful words "you should write a book"

So 2 and a half years after Vanessa (Florists and Stylist) , Emma Davies (Award winning photographer) and Me (Claire Brown, Flower farmer, and experimenter with cut flowers of all types) started, there is a published book:

It's full of beautiful photos, wonderful photoshoots, and huge amounts of information about when seasonal flowers are available, and how they could be used.

We had help from lots of wonderful florists who gave their time and abilities to produce seasonal displays, from flower farmers all over the country who gave us information and let them look round their farms, and we were crowdfunded by some fabulous supporters.

You can now buy the book HERE