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The Team

So Flower farming is hard work. 

As i'm a small business i do every job role myself, But I couldn't get everything done without the support of my Team.

My Family are amazing. That's Hubby Ashley, Son William and Mum and Dad (Sue and Mike).

Jennifer and Liz are my support team. They are there every week to join me in planting, weeding, shifting manure or wood chip, picking flowers and splitting and potting up Dahlias. They have taken to creating bouquets with gusto, so I can now relax when I go away for a few days knowing there’s someone who can create with the flowers so they don’t get left on the field

Laura is our extra pair of hands on picking day. She started as a floristry work experience student from Merrist Wood College, but I haven’t let her leave.

Emma and Kerry are my Photography team . I grow great flowers, but unless they've been photographed, and how i’ve grown them is photographed, I can't show them off to my customers.