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Flower Workshops

Claire's workshops offer something for everyone and utilise her 25 years of experience in horticulture, plus her retail management and marketing skills. 

Learn about growing, cutting and conditioning flowers plus arranging them into bouquets and table displays with our fun interactive workshops at Hill top farm, East Clandon In the Surrey Hills near Guildford. 

Or if you are a florist or flower grower, we have a selection of Online, one to one and group workshops especially planned for you, please go over to our Business workshops website

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The Workshops take place regularly throughout the year, we've summaries of the different types below, but do have a look at our calendar of events, and sign up to receive information about them when new dates are announced

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Growing Workshops

Grow your own - From seeds and bulbs

If you want cut flowers for your home, and want to grow them yourself, this is the workshop for you. You'll learn about the types of flowers and foliage that will lend themselves well to your garden. You'll learn how to sow seeds, and plant bulbs and you'll go away with enough plants to fill your first cutting patch

Grow your own - From Cuttings

If you want to multiply the perennials in your garden, then cuttings are a great idea. Dahlias and Chrysanthemums are great examples, so this workshop will focus on them, as they are great at enhancing the end of season border. You'll learn how to Take and care for cuttings, and you'll go away with enough plants to fill your first cutting patch

Grow your own - Wedding flowers

This workshop takes place at the RHS at Wisley. If you or your loved ones are planning a wedding and want to grow the flowers yourself, this bespoke course will tell you all you need to know. The day is designed to give inspiration on the shapes and types of display, the flowers and fillers needed for each, as well as practical advice on seed sowing and planning timings so that everything will be ready for the big day.

Flower Arranging Workshops

Cut and condition

Our Cut and condition workshops take place in the early morning or evening twilight hours, which are the best for picking our many stems. You'll learn about tools for cutting, the whole conditioning flowers process, and then you'll be let loose on the field. You'll get to take a bucket of your pickings away with you.

Cut and arrange

If it's the whole process of cutting and floristry that you'd like to have a go at, we have cut and arrange workshops. Learn about the shapes of flowers that make up a good mixed bouquet. Pick from the field to get your ideal colour and shape combinations. Condition the flowers while we have coffee and a floristry demonstration, and then make your own Hand tied bouquet or table centre (dependant on session) to take home. We also hold sessions for professional florists.

Professional Florists workshops

Our professional florists on our wholesale distribution list will get sent details of our twice yearly opportunity to pick from the field to make their own displays.

To find out more about these workshops and to book, head over to our Workshop Calendar.

A really practical and informative workshop from a very knowledgeable presenter.
A fantastic morning! i feel I learnt a huge amount and am watching my seed tray with bated breath.
— E
have been to a couple of Claire’s florist workshops,
which I love! For me its a couple of hours out learning a few tips for home grown flowers, having a look around the flower field, time out to be inspired! Thank you Claire, always an enjoyable and informative session.
— Nicola, Jasmine Flowers
Great course- I feel more focused about what I want from this business and who I want to attract and work with this year. Paula, Claire and Carol were generous, honest and frank with their advice which has given me the confidence to move forward.
Claire delivered an excellent course on improving productivity and profitability. Because the content is directed specifically towards flower farming rather than general business development, I found it particularly useful. Using the tools taught on the course, I am able to identify and improve on those areas of my flower farming business that need attention, and continue to grow my business with renewed focus. This is a great course for anyone who is serious about the business of growing and selling flowers. Thank you Claire!
— Cel, Forever Green Flowers