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The Business of selling flowers (1 space remaining)

If you're thinking of selling flowers for a living, either as a flower farmer, or as a florist that grows some of their own flowers, You need to know the business side of selling blooms.

This workshop is designed to introduce you to all the concepts needed to make sure that your hard work makes some money. We'll look at markets, business structure, expenses, costing and Low cost, No cost marketing. You'll go away with a business plan with numbers and dates, and a knowledge that profit isn't a dirty word.

This workshop is for you if you are a flower grower who isn't yet taking a regular salary, if you're a florist who wants to grow some of your own flowers, or if you are a keen gardener who's thinking of selling some of their garden blooms

£149 for a full day including lunch and refreshment, and follow up support.

Venue and catering excellent, and all good value for money.
Course info, very useful, and homework made me think a bit before
Content was comprehensive and good
You ran it very well.
Came away, on the knife edge between panic and full steam ahead!…..probably the best way! It didn’t all seem completely impossible, but you did underline the fact that detail in planning is vital, and 1p here or there DOES matter!
Happy planting
— GM
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