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Cut and condition

If you are a florist, a flower grower, a flower arranger, or just a gardener who wants to cut flowers from the garden, this set of workshops are a practical way for you to find out about details of cutting flowers and making sure they produce more, and last as long as possible. 

For that reason, these workshops are held at either end of the day, the golden hours for cutting flowers. 

For the morning sessions, we will have a quick breakfast pastry and coffee, while we talk about sharp cutting tools, vessels for cutting into, and lots of tips about how to set up your cutting routine. For the evening workshops, they’ll be cheese and biscuits to stave off hunger before we use the dusk to pick. 

Then it is out into the poly tunnel and onto the field to learn about the flowers that are the best sellers for that time of year. Both Flowers and foliage. 

June - is for cutting lots of traditional favourites. Cornflowers, Sweetpeas, Sweet Williams, Roses and Alchemilla, Alstroemeria, Nigella, Ammi, and the first of the Larkspur.

August - is for high summer - the first of the Dahlias, the Antirrhinums, Sunflowers, Verbena, Asters, and the perennials of Eryngium, Phlox, Echinops and Sedum. 

October - we will be concentrating on Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Zinnias, Hesperanthera, Cosmos, Nicotiana, Hypericum and Foliage. 

April - we will be focussing on Narsissus and Tulips, Ranunculus and Anemones, Honesty, Hesperis, Iceland poppies, and the first of the Polytunnel Sweet Peas. 

Most people presume that cutting flowers for the vase will denude their garden of colour, but i’ll show you how to cut to make your plants create more and more flowers. If you’re a flower farmer, that’s more profit, it you’re a flower arranger, that’s bigger displays, if you’re a gardener, that’s more colour in the garden as well as in the vase.

You will get to pick the field of flowers in a practical session. 

You will also go home with an selection of flowers you’ve cut, to get arranging with. 

Who Should Attend 

Flower farmers who aren’t confident about whether their picking are helping the plants grow more, Florists who want to forage and use their garden to back up the wholesaler, Flower arrangers and Gardeners who want flower for the vase, but also want their garden displays to continue. 

Cost £60

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