Cropping this month - April

April is full of colour on the field. As we move into our 5th season of selling, we're fairly confident about what things will be flowering each month, but to keep up with trends and fashions we try new colours and varieties each year. 

That's certainly the case with the Ranunculus this year, as we're trailing some new ones from Italy. This week i've had the green and white Silente Pon Pon ranunculus flowering in the polytunnel, but currently in bud and waiting to burst, i've got Hanoi, Grand Pastel and Malva. Just a few of each to try them out this year, but we'll see how they go.

Pon Pon Ranunculus in bud

Then as the month moves on, we'll get on to some of the colours we've had before, 

Of Course Tulips are the main crop of the month, and there are hundreds being cropped each day at the farm (and they do need picking each day if it's warm). We've already gone through the Purissima, Double Purple, Candy Prince and Red Triumphator varieties. This coming week will see Superparrot, Shirley, and the Triumphator varieties come out and shine, and my particular favourite is Viridichic

At the end of the month, we'll have Menton, Mount Tacoma, Queen of the night and the Apricot Parrot.


Because we can get Daffs in supermarkets from Christmas time, i've found that people are often over Narcissus before we get to the best of the scented varieties in April. This week we've had Cheerfulness, and next we'll have Winston Churchill. Both double headed and with flowers with great perfume.


I've never got enough Honesty. There, i've said it.... It's always something that by the time it's flowering i wish i'd planted 2 extra beds, and nothing had nibbled it overwinter. However the bed we've got of it this year is looking wonderfully healthy, and we've an even mix of white and pink/purple stems. By cutting it as flowers, i'll get lots of side shoots, and when the Hesperis starts flowering in 10 days time, i'll let them go to seed pods (which will be green from the white flowers, and have a purple tinge from the pink flowers)


It's normally flowering by now, but with a hard winter, the cerinthe isn't ready just yet, but the plants are looking healthy, so a couple of weeks and i'll have plenty of stems of this glaucous succulent.


The Iceland poppies that i sowed back last June, are now flowering, and the buds are bursting every day to give the most delicate looking, but actually a lot hardier flowers than they look.

The coral coloured ones are the most striking, but we've white, blush and yellow coming too.

There are also a lot of other things out on the field that we just have small numbers of or are trialling. Here are some of them

(Borage, Dicentra, Leucojum, Brunnera, Anemones)

And i've spotted my first Sweet pea buds, so it will only be a couple of weeks.

I'm sure i've forgotten some that will be popping up in the next few weeks, so do watch my Instagram feed, so i can show you what's coming out each week.