Cropping this month - June

Yes, i know the Calendar still says May, but the flowers are telling me it's June, so here goes with the countdown and pics of what's likely to be ready.

Sweet Williams, Nigella, Cornflowers, Alchemilla, Alliums, Orlaya, Phacelia and Ammi

Yep, these are the heart of the June flowers, The rain a week ago, meant they all doubled in height overnight, and will mean a lot of picking this week. (and for weeks to come)

But there's lots of perennial/ long lasting plants that flower in June as well, and they add in to the mix to give a huge range, including the Rose, Delphinium, Astrantia, Foxglove, Lupins and Peonies

Then obviously there's the fillers and foliages, so this month i'll be picking Sage flowers, Nepeta, Stachys, Mint, Flowering thyme, Senicio, Beech, Privet, and later in the month the first of the Hypericum and Physocarpus. 

There are still bulbs, Nectaroscordum, Tritellia, Gladiolus the Bride, and Alstroemeria

later on in the month, there will be Larkspur, Achillea (now with the ladybirds working hard against the aphids) Scabious and Daucus.

As always i'll walk out onto the field and find 5 things i haven't mentioned, - Campanula, Calendula, Lavender, Linaria, Veronicastrum, Leucanthemum, and Clary sage are all planted, - but you get the idea..... Please check out my Instagram feed for regular updates.