War is declared, so I get early season blooms

The Bulbs arrived today, and my anemones and ranunculus are waiting to be planted, so that i have a nice early start to next season

anemone hellebore bouquet.jpg

Although i'm really keen to get planting, I know there's something i have to do first to ensure the best chances of success to be able to put together a bouquet like this one above by the end of March. I have to wage war on my farm rodents, and the polytunnel slugs.

Today with the help of my Tess, who's survived a week of work experience with me on my Intern programme, we cleared the poly tunnel of all excess foliage and weeds, and did a detailed slug hunt.

I then reset all the traps that i'd put out for the mice yesterday. 3 of them got caught, and most of the traps were sprung, so i've got another couple of weeks of battles to get them to a level where i can put the Tulip bulbs and the anemones corms  and ranunculus claws in without worrying.

War on bulb eaters

I posted this photo on Instagram this morning and got lots of comments about the fact that it was Organic peanut butter, but the fact is that my Surrey mice don't like the cheap Tesco stuff, they need the nutty bits to get caught in the act!

Anyway, once we've waged war, and think we're on the winning side, the bulbs can start going in.