New Year resolutions

Hellebore and alstroemeria bouquet.jpg

I do like to make resolutions in the New Year. For me the main thing about the beginning of January is that from now on the light will start to return, so it really does feel like a new start

Since i've been working outside, i've become a lot more attuned to the seasons.  My mind and  body work easily for long hours in the summer, but the winter mornings mean it's impossible for me to get out of bed. This year with no early school runs to do, i've given in, and my first resolution for 2018  is "listen to your body". This i've heeded, so far with Lie in's until 8.30 or 9.00am meaning i'm much more productive as soon as i do get up.

I've also vowed to declutter in 2018. it's so easy when you're busy to just keep piling the "stuff" up without sorting it out. I was given a lovely novel to read last Autumn, (A spring affair by Milly Johnson) which got me thinking, and so far this year i've sorted my wardrobes, my study bookcase and started on the loft. I even made the smallest beginning in the barn today  (more to do there) but i'm hoping all this decluttering will mean that i'm tidy, organised, and that i find things that i'd forgotten i'd got, which i can either repurpose, or recycle.

My third big resolution is to hoe more......... This one came about because i listened hard to Charles Dowding at the Flowers from the farm Autumn Conference and he recommended hoeing before you can see the weeds. We lost the battle with the annual weeds last season, mainly because we covered everything with environmesh when it was planted to prevent the rabbits eating everything, and then didn't remove it until the weeds were pushing up past the plants. so we'll have even more this year. But if i attack them while they're still small small, and do it every day, I might stand a chance.

Last week, I read about only resolving to do the smallest amount that you think you can keep up every day for the rest of the year (thanks Emma, great tip) So my 3 resolutions are

1) spend 5 minutes sitting down each day really listening to my body and how it feels.

2) remove one thing from the house or farm each day to be repurposed or recycled.

3) spend 5 minutes hoeing every time i'm at the farm (the amount of time it takes to hoe one 10m bed - I've timed it) 

Happy New Year