Green and white all Surrey grown May wedding flowers

Today it almost felt like Spring, and i've been out in the garden, and at the farm making lists for what needs planting in the next few weeks. 

I've had a few days off with my boys over half term, which has meant i'm fired up and ready to start seed sowing and attacking my inbox, which is full of Wedding and party enquiries.

So now's a great time to show you the flowers from a wedding at the beginning of last May. Pete and Amita were married at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. It was obviously an amazing time of year to be married there, as the Wisteria looks amazing in the background of these fantastic photos by Krishanthi ( "Photography by Krishanthi") 

Bride and groom agains Wisteria.jpg

Amita was keen on a neutral flower colour scheme, and a week before the wedding i was worrying a bit as all the best flowers on the field seemed to be bright. In the end though there were plenty of blooms and a wide selection of green and white. We had the last of the Tulips, the first of the White Ranunculus, and lots of Anemones, Special Colibri Poppies, Sweet rocket, and plenty of green and white foliages.

Amita wedding bouquet against dress.jpg

This bouquet was quite a bit larger than most wedding bouquets i make, but the scented Viburnum and Mexican orange blossom shrubs provided a great backdrop, and the Bleeding heart (Dicentra) and Solomons Seal, provided great interest and movement in the bouquet.

Amita bridesmaid wrist circlets.jpg

Instead of Bridesmaid bouquets, Amita's 4 bridemaids had a wrist corsage each. These were all individually wired and had hand dyed ribbon to tie them on. The Rosemary, Maythorn, Ranunculus and Anemones gave a lovely different effect to a hand held bouquet, and were showed off wonderfully against the lovely Navy blue dresses.

bride and bridesmaid bouquet and wrist corsages.jpg

For the table decorations Amita and her Bridesmaids found the most amazing collection of bottles and jars, for us to fill, and we had 5 lovely containers for each table to theme. I loved seeing how these were displayed at the venue.

table arrangements 2.jpg
table arrangements.jpg

Thank you Krishanthi for sending me these lovely photos. I'm sure Amita didn't put down her bouquet all day by the wonderful array of photos with her clutching it. If you'd like to see more of her photos do pop over to Instagram @KrishanthiPhoto or facebook (she's been nominated for Best Wedding photographer of the year!)

Thank you Amita and Pete, for trusting me to provide you with all locally grown flowers. For labelling your vases and containers beautifully to make my job easy. Thanks also to your lovely bridesmaids who collected the bouquets and containers on the morning of the wedding,  oohed and ahed in all the right places to make a very early morning finishing off worthwhile.

Here are some more of my favourites.

Amita in garden with bouquet.jpg
Amita in garden with bouquet 2.jpg
Amita and Pete Walking with bouquet.jpg
bouquet on patio.jpg