February flowers and Spring round the corner

It was a long January.....

Probably no colder than usual, certainly no snow this year, and with few School runs to do, I had more lie-ins that normal (and if you read my blog about New Year resolutions I've kept to all of them so far), but it felt like it went on for ages....

February is now here, phew, and it's brought with it buds, and the first of this season's flowers. The Snowdrops (Galanthus), Snowflakes (Leucojum) and Hellebores are now budding and starting to flower, and the Muscari, Hyacinths, Narssisus and Tulips are poking through.


of course there are now plenty of winter foliage plants on the field, so we're working our way through the Eucalyptus, Viburnum, Rosemary, Senicio, Pittosporum and Sage, and this week we've been pruning the Willow to make our Valentine hearts.

V heart on barn door.jpg

Next week we'll be adding to our field and garden foliage, and the first few flowers , with Tulip blooms and Anemones from Lincolnshire, and Alstroemerias from Sussex. Our Valentine flowers are perfect for your loved one, and are easy to order through the website or directly from us by email, text or phone claire@plantpassion.co.uk or 07813456865

Valentine website page.jpg