Can I buy your flowers? (and other questions for a flower farmer)

I'm often asked questions that I've given the answers to a hundred times before, but of course that doesn't mean that everyone knows,  so here's some straightforward answers to Can I buy your flowers? and other questions, for you to refer to.

Do you sell flowers? - Yes, although we love growing them, the money doesn't come in unless we sell them, so please buy away..... they go to :

Do you sell flowers?.jpg
  • Local people - as bunches, bouquets and flower arrangers buckets (local = Horsley and Clandon Villages, plus slightly further afield from Guildford up the A3 Corridor to Cobham. GU4 and KT24 are our main postcodes) prices from £10-£55
  • Florists and flower arrangers, as growers buckets and stem orders (If you know a florist who you think should try our flowers, please do send them here, for more details) prices from £35 +
  • To Brides and those organising parties as DIY buckets and as DIY floristry (where we make up bouquets, buttonholes and displays and you take them away) prices from £65 +  - our Average DIY bucket wedding is £260, and our average DIY floristry wedding is £500

Where can i buy your flowers? - and how can i pay?

From us by placing an order online, by email, or by text. You can pay by credit card through the Stripe system, or I can invoice you so you can pay me directly by Bacs, or you can pay cash on delivery/ collection, or you can send me a cheque. We can deliver to you, (Between Guildford and Cobham) or you can arrange a time to collect from the barn. Online or email orders are preferred as then I know i have all the correct information, and i don't have to get my gloves off and get up off my knees if i'm on the field to answer a telephone call or text.

The only retail outlet for our flowers currently is the RHS at Wisley in the gift shop. They sell seasonal bunches and Market bouquets (£5-£15)

When will I get your flowers if i order today?

Because we are dealing with flowers that we grow, rather than are bought in, we have to pick and condition our flowers before they go out to you. If you order before 9.30am Monday- Friday then you'll have caught us while we're picking, and we can deliver to you later that day. If you place an order later in the day, it will be next day delivery unless we've picked too much!. Just occasionally, I do have a day off, and my team only work with me Tuesday-Friday, so please do give more notice if you can. We also sell Friday flowers, and subscription flowers, so those have set dates for delivery, whenever you order them.

Do you send your flowers to someone further away?

I sell locally, and don't send flowers, as I believe they are better locally grown. However i'm a proud member of Flowers from the Farm, so please use their map to find a grower near to where you want to send flowers. 

I'd love to buy flowers, but i've no idea how to arrange them!

We can either make bouquets for you which we send in a vase (there's £5 off your next order if you recycle it to us as well), But we also have a flower club twice each month to teach you about flower arranging, and give you confidence with using seasonal flowers.

How do I find out more about your flowers, and get reminders of what you have available?

We are all over social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Pinterest, and we send regular emails about what's happening on the field, please sign up here