What's been happening at the farm this week.

Easter Weekend. It’s just about the latest date that it can happen on, and that means the flowers are now in full spring swing. Here’s what we’ve been up to in the last week.

Rows of Tulips.jpg

Tulip picking : Tulips are so weather and heat dependant. When it was cold last week, I was lucky if there were 10 tulips that had coloured up to pick, but although I thought i’d sold every last tulip that i’d picked by Friday morning, by last night there were a couple of hundred more. We’ve got not only beautiful singles, like the pinky Valentine in the picture above, but double tulips, like the Orange Orca, fringed tulips, with a frilly edge, and Parrot Tulips. (They’ll be lots of those by mid week!) If you want a bunch of beauty over the weekend, do order here for delivery Saturday or Monday*

Mid April DIY wedding.jpg

Our 1st Wedding flowers of the season were collected. I was delighted that the first buckets of flowers went out to Pat and Iain, for their wedding today, Easter Saturday. Pat has been buying flower arrangers buckets from me for several years, to decorate her church and home. So i’m delighted she asked me to provide the wedding flowers. There are 12 peachy ranunculus in that back bucket which will be handed to her by family as she goes up the aisle to form a bunch of flowers, what a lovely idea.

Thursday evening’s flower club was fully booked, and we talked about vases, and what flowers to put in different shapes. We looked at how tulips grow and open in the vase, and then we put that together by designing into a vase without that single use plastic (floral foam) Chicken wire structures were the order of the day. Obviously I forgot to take a picture of what we made, but everyone was so intent I had to remind that the sun was setting and we don’t have any electricity at the barn! Thank you ladies it was lovely to have an enthusiastic group (someone left a coat behind btw) The next date is Saturday 25th, when we’ll be talking about Ranunculus, and decorating your dinner tables.

Vase photo.jpg

It’s now a year since The British Flowers book was published. It’s still being ordered in numbers each week, which means that Shelena (our postmistress) and I get to chat several times a week. It was very useful to show the brides who came to my Good Friday Bridal open day. I had a full morning of appointments, so if you are interested in locally grown, fresh flowers, and want to DIY some or all of you wedding displays, do come along to one of the next dates.

Apricot and cream tbfb.jpg

As well as all the pretty stuff, the team have been really busy digging out compost heaps, planting more shrubs, and watering to make sure everything grows big and strong.

I’m going to leave you with one of Emma’s shots from last year of me with Tulips. Our Photography workshop at the Farm in June is almost sold out already… (2 tickets left, so pop over quickly if you want one) and if you want to learn more about Flower photography at your own pace, her online course starts at the beginning of May.

Claire with Tulips.jpg