Excess plant sale, can we help you fill your Surrey borders with Cut flower plants?

Over the last 5 years, we've had plenty of practice at propagating plants.

We've got pretty good at it, and as soon as our gro-house empties of one crop, we fill it with others. 

Gro tunnel full of plants this Spring

Gro tunnel full of plants this Spring

This means that we've got to the point where we've got excess, too many, more than we can fit in.....  Can you find a home in your garden for them? - We're mostly selling well rooted pots of plants that will give you a really good crop of flowers for cutting next year, or will make your garden borders look great. They're all priced to sell so we've got room in the polytunnel - most pots are between £2 and £5

Here's some of what we've got available (and details with photos below)

Achillea and Achillea the Pearl, Helenium Moerheim Beauty, Leucanthemum, Mint, Nepeta, Helianthus Lemon Queen, Salvia May night, Bearded Iris, Alstroemeria (variety unknown sorry), Oriental Poppies, Helianthus Lemon Queen, Dark Leaved Euphorbia, Ranunculus Double Feverfew and Chivesb. They'll undoubtedly be more as we get round to weeding more of the field, and potting up what we find.

Achillea and Achillea the Pearl. We love these plants for dependable July flowers, strong stems and a bountiful supply of cut flowers. However to give us the best each year we need to divide them quite severely, so we've got plenty (or if anyone wants a big clump to divide up themselves, we've still got plenty of them too!). In a garden they can be left in situ for several years, and will give lots of flowers, just with smaller flower heads in the following years.

Pastel Achillea

Pastel Achillea

Achillea the Pearl

Achillea the Pearl

Helenium Moerheim Beauty

This orange coloured August flower needs some sunshine, but will give strong stems with burnt orange blooms if offered the right position. 


Leucanthemum. Wow these can flower..... You don't need a whole row of them, as we found out this year! Also a sun lover, these started in June, and just went on and one - we've even had another flush in the last couple of weeks


Nepeta. This Stalwart of May has a scent that isn't to everyone's taste, but the grey blue flowers are a wonderful drift of colour, and it has stems that can be used for flower arranging even before it's flowers come out, making it an important beginning of the season plant. It's a big plant, so don't plant it next to the lawn, but it will look great softening wide paved areas.


Mint. We've become experts at growing mint for cut flower bouquets. One of our favourites is the Morrocan mint 

Morrocon mint on the left, apple mint on the right, there's a Surplus of the Morrocon at the moment

Morrocon mint on the left, apple mint on the right, there's a Surplus of the Morrocon at the moment

Salvia May night (or it may be Caradona, the label is missing)

any way it's a purple spired plant that looks good in June and July and looks like this 

Salvia May night.jpg

Oriental poppies. Ok, I admit, this one is being rejected from the field. I love the colour of the flowers, but they don't last in a vase. They've been saved from the chop the last couple of years because they have wonderful seed heads, - but i need more space, so they're going....

oriental poppies.jpg


We've collected a range of these over the years from oranges, through peaches and pinks to creams, so i can't tell you what colour it will turn out, but we've divided all our clumps, so are selling the excess


They'll be lots more in the spring as well, We'll be dividing up our Dahlia tubers, and we'll let you know if there are excess of anything else.

If you're interested in any of the above, or want to know what we might suggest for the holes in your border, please fill out the form below. We deliver plants locally, or they can be collected from the farm by appointment.

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