Florist's open day for our Surrey flower farm

Yesterday we had a lovely group of new (to us) Florists come to the field. We love giving this chance  to florists to see the field producing it's goodies. They are used to the already picked and travelled plastic wraps of the wholesaler, market or dutch lorry. As we wander round the rows, in the sunshine (avoiding molehills admittedly) they get to see the flowers in bud on the plants, the plants that will become flowers in weeks or months time, and the picked blooms sitting in buckets of water in our cool barn without being bunched, sorted or counted into wraps.

If you'd like to see what's likely to be available from a flower farm in Surrey in May, and you're a florist or student of floristry, then please do come along to our next Open Day this Thursday 17th, anytime between 10 and 1pm. - Fill in the form to let us know you're coming so we've got enough flapjack.

Here's our You-tube time-lapse of this month's key flowers