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I've been Blogging for 10 years now, but my older posts aren't linked to this website automatically, so here are a selection of my most read posts, and links to get to the rest of the Archive.

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Replacements for Gypsophila

"Can i have Gypsophila in my wedding flowers?"

It's not a surprise as White is the traditional wedding colour, and Pinterest is full of pictures of Gypsophila bouquets, jam jars, head dresses and room decorations. After Roses and Peonies, it's probably the most known Bridal flower, and it's also not as expensive as either Roses or Peonies, so it's hardly a shock that it's asked for as much as it is, but actually it isn't easy to grow all the year round, so what are the alternatives for white, fluffy and (sweetly) scented alternatives

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What Dahlias should i grow for Cutting?

I grow a Lot of Dahlias, So each year i review which ones worked well as cut flowers, and which ones were removed as also rans.

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Meadow Style Wildflowers for Weddings

 I’m often asked for Wildflowers, or Meadow Style flowers for Weddings and party designs. All my flowers are cultivated. The field I grow on has only had cows or horses on it for many years, so the only thing that grows “wild” on it are natural grasses, ragweed and thistles. I’ve had to work out how I can cultivate flowers to have ready through the year to give that “wild” “just picked” look, while only picking flowers from my field,