What's different about buying our wedding flowers from you?

All our flowers are grown locally. None of them have flown. They are grown without chemicals. They are picked by the grower (and her team) freshly for your order. We pick The best of what's on the field, even if that's one special stem. We have varieties that aren't available at the wholesale markets, and that have scent. You don't pay for our travel time as you collect the flowers from us.

What's the Same?

We have the same high standards as all Wedding florists. We plan to the nth degree, and have backup plans in place, so we won't let you down on your special day. We're proud to create your flowers, and will work late into the night and from early morning to ensure they are the best they can be.

Can I specify exactly what flowers I want?

We’re a flower farm that grows and trades in ONLY British Flowers. That means that all the flowers are fresh, locally grown and seasonal. What’s blooming depends a lot on what the weather’s thrown at us this year, and how the season is progressing. We’ve now got plenty of years experience and there is ALWAYS something flowering. However, if you absolutely must 100% have a particular flower on your wedding day, then, we aren’t the right supplier for you. You will need the certainty of the size of the import market to ensure that you get what you want.


Can i choose a colour scheme?


Yes, please do, and we’ll let you know if the natural flower colours for your wedding time of year will match. We are great at theming flowers to go with your wedding colours. We grow lots of varieties on the field and in the garden, so we can provide you with a wider choice, and lots of different things that you can’t find in the wholesale markets.


Can I see pictures of what flowers will be available?

We can show you what was flowering at the same time as your wedding last year, and the year before (and the year before) so that you’ll get a really good idea of what may be looking good. We are on Pinterest and Instagram, so that you can get a good idea of the colours of flowers that are available at each point in the year, and we also haves some bouquet and DIY bucket examples on there. For more picture examples, please look at our portfolio on the website https://www.plantpassion.co.uk/#/wedding-portfolio/

Can I buy flowers to make up our arrangements?


Yes! our DIY boxes are perfect for those who have crafty/ flower arranging skills, (or families / friends with them) and who want to spend the day before their wedding creating displays. 

Our boxes contain 6 bunches of flowers, and 6 bunches of fillers for £70. A box contains 70-80 stems (depending on varieties) and will usually do 2-3 vases or bouquets, or 6-8 jam jars or smaller containers, please ask me for advice on the type of displays you want to create and how many stems and therefore boxes that will take. We are used to working with all budgets from the smallest up, so are experienced at making your flowers go further.


How many weddings do you do each week?


Although the field produces a huge amount of flowers,  we want to give each of our brides the best flowers on the field that day, so we only do one designed wedding, and one DIY wedding of each theme each day. 


Do you buy in flowers?


We ONLY use British Flowers, and in the summer, the vast majority (about 99%) of the flowers that we use are grown by us on our field in East Clandon. We do have a network of other local growers to source things that we can’t grow. 


Can you decorate our venue and church? and we’d love an archway!


Sorry No, We don’t come to the venue, so we can’t do fancier floristry like arches, floral balls or doorway wreaths, that need to be done in situ. If we can make it in a vase, and you can take it away, we’d love to help you.  Otherwise, we have details for some great local florists who do who work with our flowers. Please let us know and we’ll put you in touch with them.

How much will we have to spend on our wedding flowers?

Until we know more details, that’s not easy to tell you, we offer a free consultation and tour of the field at one of our wedding days for anyone ordering more than 2 buckets of flowers, where we can show you ways to make your budget work for you in the best ways, But here’s a couple of examples.

Sample Budget Wedding Party flowers 

(Our choice of flowers, you choose brights or pales)


made up of

1 Brides bouquet £85, 1 Bridesmaid bouquet £65, 5 buttonholes 5 x £10 = £50, 2 Mother’s corsages 2 x £12 = £24

2 boxes of flowers to make into table decorations 2x £70 = £140

Sample Marquee Wedding party flowers

(You choose one theme)


made up of

1 Brides Bouquet £95, 2 Bridesmaid Bouquets 2 x £70 = £140, 1 Flower girl bouquet £45, 5 Buttonholes 5 x £10 = £50, 2 Mother’s corsages 2 x £12 = £24
3 boxes of flowers to make 10 table centre trios 3 x £70 = £210

For both our Boxes, or Bouquets and buckets options we work to a Theme, rather than individual flowers.  

Themes have included

Wildflowers, Bright Spring colours, Pink and Pastel, Autumn Oranges, Summer Garden And Lots of White and Green with a touch of blue!

When Will we pay?, and how do we book?

Because we are growing the flowers, and not having to order them and buy from abroad, we don’t need large sums of money in advance. We do ask that you save the date by paying a £50 non refundable booking fee. The rest of the monies will be due when we send you the final details and need to be paid 2 weeks before the flowers are picked up. To book with us, please fill out the form below.


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