Wholesale flowers for florists

If you're a florist wanting quality flowers, freshly picked, at a good value price, in any quantity you want, then you're in the right place.

We sell wholesale flowers to discerning Surrey florists, who know that locally grown means fresh, quality stems that they can't always get elsewhere.

Event florists love working with us as we have quirky different blooms that aren't available at the markets.

Retail florists love working with us as they know that their shops will be filled with real scent.

Good Value Prices, order what you want

We work with Florists of all sizes, and set our stem costs for the year in advance so that you can have certainty when pricing for events. You can buy whatever quantities you want from us, from just 1 stem, up to hundreds at a time. If you just want enough for one bouquet, that's fine, no need to buy wraps of 50 of each variety.

To find out about our terms and conditions, and how to order from us for the first time, please click here

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Picking and Conditioning

We pick our flowers, fillers and foliage first thing in the morning, and then they are left to condition in our barn until our florists come and collect. This means that they don't have to get up first thing if they don't want to.  

We believe our picking and conditioning regime plus the fact that our flowers are picked into water, rather than travelling dry, mean that our blooms will last a lot longer than imports even without us using any chemicals on them.

Our conditioning starts before we pick them though, with growing strong varieties and ensuring the growing conditions are optimal for our crops and that they are planted and picked in their natural seasons.

Your orders are collated together and stored in our barn in ideal cool, but not cold temperatures. 

All our flowers are fresh, and we pride ourselves in picking to requirements, so if they need to be able to last a week in a bouquet, no problem. But if they need to be at their best and fully open for an event tomorrow, we can also work to that.

We're flexible for pickups and have some florists that like to be with us "early doors" and some that pick up on their way home in the afternoon. 

Our florists can also choose to see the field where the flowers are grown, so that they can plan for events coming up, and use new and different varieties that they haven't know about before

 Our barn has been described as "A floral sweet shop"


Starting buying from us

If you're excited to start buying from us, and you're based within collection distance of the Farm in East Clandon, Surrey, please do sign up to our availability list below. We'll send you a weekly email of what's available from the farm April until October (that's when we have the biggest selection, but there's usually some foliage and dried stuff all year round)

You can then place your first order, and we'll arrange for a tour when you pick it up. Or come to one of our Florists's networking coffee mornings, or workshops to see the farm in full flow.

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What our Florists say about us

Just had to say, again, your flowers are amazing. We’re only 5 weeks into the official start of Spring and already I am blown away by the quantity and quality of the flowers you grow, and their absolute freshness. All your flowers last way longer than the imported ones as they’re cut that morning, have suffered far less ‘stress’ and haven’t been wrapped in plastic/ stuck in a box and shipped across the big blue sea.

Driving to your fields every week is an absolute highlight, and the beautiful scenic drive chills me right out before the busy few wedding-filled days ahead. I’m always blown away by everything when I get there, and love my little mini-tours showing me what’ll be popping up next week. My brides can be happy too, that their flowers really are very locally grown.

Anyway, I say it all the time, but just wanted to world to know THANK YOU! Your flowers really are the best.

Love from your Number 1 fan,


— Jay Archer http://www.jayarcherfloraldesign.com
A great variety of British Flowers of a good quality. It’s always lovely seeing what the field has on offer. The best thing about PlantPassion is, I can buy varieties which I cannot necessarily buy on the market in Holland. Thank you PP for providing us with beautiful flowers/foliage this year.
— Hannah Berry Flowers www.hannahberryflowers.co.uk
I only discovered Plantpassion midway through this summer. It transformed my week as I didn’t have to trek up to London so often to buy flowers. I love arriving to collect my order as the barn is always full of the most beautiful buckets of fresh scented blooms. Another bonus is that Claire is always cheerful and willing to share her vast knowledge of flowers.
I am new to the wonderful world of floristry and have a passion for using British Flowers. Establishing myself as a homeworking florist and gaining recognition is not easy when you do not have a ‘shopfront’. Claire has been very accommodating with my small and last minute orders whereas other flower farms have insisted on a minimum order of 10 stems per flower type; this just isn’t possible when providing one customer with a bouquet. Hopefully next year I will be in a possition to purchase more stems per order but my loyalty will remain with Plantpassion who support and accomodate the smaller florist businesses.
I always look forward to visiting Hill Top Farm to pick up my order. Sometimes there’s a new variety for you to show me, a scented flower for me to smell, or a few stems of something precious that are just starting to flower. It’s a floral education! Thanks Claire - here’s to next season