December jobs on the farm

December jobs on the farm

While a lot of our limited daylight hours at the farm this month will be making Christmas wreaths, we've also got lots of other jobs to get done to finish off the farm before our Winter break.

The rest of the Tulips need to be planted. We've just got a thousand more to do in the Polytunnel, but we're leaving it another week until we've persuaded our rodents to move on, otherwise we'll just be feeding them.

The finished beds will be strimmed and covered. Black weed suppressing fabric isn't pretty, but it works without us having to use herbicides, and it helps the spent crops to rot down quickly which helps improve the soil. 

We've got several hundred more ranunculus to plant, and then we'll get the next lot soaking and potted up in trays so that we have a succession of claws to flower through April and into May.

The last of the Chrysanthemums need to be taken out of the ground and potted up in the dry. The roots will start shooting again by February, and we'll be taking new cuttings by March.

In their place in the polytunnel will be planted more Sweet peas, we're hoping for a wonderful succession of them for 2023.

After we've harvested all the willow for our wreath rings, the larger stems will be cut to make more fencing