Talks for groups

If your group would like to know more about Flower farming in the 21st Century, then Claire offers talks to clubs and societies.

These are available at your venue in the winter months of November to February, and at the Farm June to October. 

March to May are our main planting months so we don't offer talks during this time.

Talks in 2022 at your venue are £90 plus travel These would normally be in the evening.

Talks in 2022 at the farm are a minimum of  £90, or £5 per person for groups of more than 18, and refreshments are included.

A talk would normally be an introduction to the farm and flower farming in the UK, a tour of the farm with information about how we work our no-dig beds, and the mix of our crops, and then refreshments and a floral demonstration. They would normally take place in the afternoon Tuesday-Friday either 2-4pm, 4-6pm or in June and July 6-8pm

We are a working farm: You need to wear suitable clothes and footwear - trainers or boots, not open toed sandals.

Our talks would normally take place in mildly inclement weather. We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a talk if it will be unable to take place due to weather conditions, e.g snow or torrential rain

"Kind Words"

Thanks you so much for hosting yesterday’s visit so brilliantly - it was a fascinating afternoon and we had a great time.  

Please see below for some of the appreciative comments I received following the visit: 

What a most interesting visit to Plant Passion yesterday, many thanks for arranging this outing. Claire was so enthusiastic about her business & most knowledgable & also really encouraging for us to grow our own cut flowers.

Thank you for organising today What a great outing. Claire is such a good speaker. 

 Thank you for  organising the lovely afternoon  we enjoyed yesterday.  It was a very  interesting trip and we all learnt quite a lot and it was a great way to spend a nice time in the sun

what a fascinating afternoon. Thank you so much for arranging this for us all - it was so interesting and very different. What an amazing lady Claire is - so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Well done indeed for finding this venue - I'd never heard of Plant Passion before, as a number of us were saying. Thanks again.