Workshops and One to Ones

If you're keen to grow and create with flowers, then Claire and the Plantpassion team offer workshops at the farm for an inspirational and educational experience that promotes well being.

Our farm workshops are informal, and for small groups, so that you can ask lots of questions and have time to find your own way of growing and arranging flowers, while getting expert tuition and supervision.

Our main workshops are 

"Grow your own" and "Cut and Arrange"

The Grow your own workshops take place in the Spring, and early Autumn at the peak times for sowing seeds, taking cuttings or propagating plants, 

The Cut and Arrange workshops take place when the field is overflowing with flowers, so that you get to cut from a wide choice, and make your own bouquet.

If you're a flower farmer, or are thinking about becoming a flower farmer, and want to know about starting, expanding and making your artisan flower farms profitable and productive, Claire is also part of the Business of Selling flowers team, and can offer one to ones if you need individual advice that the online courses can't cover.

For those looking for more information and help, We also offer Flower farmers work experience days, here in Surrey and One to Ones both here at the farm, or via Skype. The work experience days are a cross between a workshop and a practical experience session, each date has a different seasonal topic to learn about.