If you're keen to grow and create with flowers, then Claire and the Plantpassion team offer workshops at the farm for an inspirational and educational experience that promotes well being.

Our farm workshops are informal, and for small groups, so that you can ask lots of questions and have time to find your own way of growing and arranging flowers, while getting expert tuition and supervision.

In 2022 we will be offering 

Grow your own workshops - in Spring and early Autumn at the peak times for sowing seeds, taking cuttings or propagating plants

Cut and Arrange workshops - from May to September for you to learn to cut a wide choice of flowers and arrange them in the vase or in a hand tied bouquet using plastic free sustainable methods.

Introduction to flower farming workshops - With sustainable flower growing becoming more popular Claire is offering on farm workshops for those thinking of or in their first couple of years of setting up their farms. 

Make your business and life more sustainable - Easy switches to help your life become more sustainable - education to help you make choices.