Farewell flowers

Our farewell funeral flowers are often created for those who we have some connection with. Those who've loved garden flowers, those who've visited the farm or received flowers from it. Those who've lived in our local villages of Horsley and Clandon, and those being buried at Clandon Wood just down the road. Our tributes are seasonal, natural, sustainable, and plastic and wire free. The flowers will come from our flower field in East Clandon, or from other local growers. There will be no imported flowers. They will be made as willow wreaths or foliage and moss sheaves and tributes to make them completely biodegradable. Please phone Claire on 07813 456865 or email Claire@plantpassion.co.uk to discuss your needs.Or download the Farewell flowers brochure, (link below) to give you an idea of the tributes we can produce, and their prices. 

Funeral sheaf

our natural sheaf is made with seasonal flowers and foliage that have meaning, and is tied with wool or raffia, so that it is completely biodegradable... view details

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