Flowers available from Plantpassion in March

Flowers available from Plantpassion in March

March is the very beginning of our season. The first of the Spring bulbs make their way through the ground, and at some point in the month we get enough varieties flowering to begin offering our gift bouquets again.

The weather obviously pays its part, and there is a lot of forecast watching and swapping around of jobs to match the predicted rain or shine. We'll also be sheltering the crops from our hungry local predators, you can absolutely guarantee that if a cover gets blown off this month, the plants will be nibbled, or eaten whole.

So what are we likely to have? so you can envisage March displays.

Well the first of the Narcissus are budding up. 3 of our early varieties are Minnow, Golden Ducat and Cragford. Here's Golden Ducat

The flowers that will be joining the Narsissus are Hellebores, Anemones, Fritallaria, Leucojum, and later in the month Tulips, which really heralds the start of the main season.

They'll be joined in bouquets and buckets with foliage in the form of Rosemary, Pittosporum, Senicio and Eucalyptus, and there will be a supporting cast of blossom, - we love Prunus Kojo no mai, Kerria (Pictured below) and Viburnum.