Hardy Annuals for flowering next June

Hardy Annuals for flowering next June

At this point in October, as well as finishing off the flowery orders for this year, we're immersed in planning and planting for next season.

For the last 6 weeks, we've been sowing, pricking out, planting on and direct sowing the crops that we'll be selling to you next May and June. Our Hardy annuals are workhorses on the Plantpassion field and here's some of what will be available

Ammi Major is our June star. Overwintered crops grow so large on our field, whereas spring sown seedlings only make half the growth. We're hoping these will be planted out next week, and will make large rosettes to get through the winter this year.

Cornflowers are a major workhorse of our May season and we grow lots of colours. Blue boy obviously, but Mauve ball, Pinkie, Snowman and Black ball are also already planted out.

Sweetpeas were so successful for the June Pick your own this year, and I've loved being on the RHS trial committee for the last couple of years, so I've got some lovely new varieties that worked well in the trial. look out for Chrissie, Valentine and April in Paris for the best scent, all Grandiflora type sweet peas.

Corncockle loves our chalky field, and we've trying for lots of succession for next season, we've got Pink, White and a pale pink planted, and our florists have loved them.

Also in the greenhouse waiting to move on are Iceland poppies, Larkspur, Grasses, Clary Sage and Daucus.

Which ones are you looking forward to the most?