How to make your flowers last longer in the heat

How to make your flowers last longer in the heat

While the team tend to be wilting in the sunshine by late morning, the June flowers are loving the conditions and looking great.

But Claire, - don't flowers like cold rooms and freezer conditions?

Well, flowers that have been imported will have been in and out of cold storage,  often while out of water, so they don't really like hot conditions. 

But our blooms, have got used to the heat on the field. They have strong stems from being buffeted by the wind, and they haven't been over watered or fed, to speed up growth, nor sprayed with pesticides.

This gives them strong fat stems, so they are actually far better at lasting in your vase.

As long as we pick them in the cool, when they are turgid (full of water) and condition them in the barn, letting them soak up water into their stems, then they last really well. 

Please do place your orders really early in the day, or the day before, so we can get all the stems picked in in the shade before the sun is on the back of our necks. We'll make sure we pick them as they come into flower, giving you fabulous long lasting blooms. 

To help them stay in great shape when you get them home here's what we suggest.

  • Make sure your vase is clean, as bacteria in the vase will make the flowers go over far quicker
  • Don't put your flowers in sunlight, a mantlepiece or table centre is far better for longer lasting blooms than a window sill
  • Give your flowers fresh water every couple of days. These are fresh flowers and will continue to drink far more than imported blooms that have been dipped in chemical to make them last longer. So keep giving them a drink.
  • If the shorter lived flowers like roses have gone over, remove them from the vase to make more space for the others.

Do let us know if you flowers don't last in the vase, natural blooms should "die beautifully" changing colour, sometimes dropping pollen, but looking lovely until the end

'Friday flowers ' for this week are Cornflowers, Allium Christophii or Sweet Williams. Or  our flower arrangers buckets (4 bunches of complimentary flowers to be arranged in your vase) will have these and more. Click and collect from the farm between 10.00am - 1.00pm. from Claire's house from 2pm onwards or delivery locally for a small fee.

*Delivery free in Horsley or East Clandon on Friday with a minimum spend of £25.00