June Cut and Arrange Vase workshop

June Cut and Arrange Vase workshop

Last Friday we hosted the first of our summer season of Cut and Arrange vase workshops.

The flower field was looking great, with a huge variety of flowers and foliage for the ladies to choose from, and we had a beautiful dry morning.

We started with introductions, and although most of the participants were gardeners or had a garden to enjoy sitting in, they were not regular flower arrangers. They'd brought vases with them that they found difficult to arrange in, and we discussed the size and shape the arrangements were likely to be.

Then we talked flower and foliage shapes, so everyone was able to pick a good selection from the field. We talked about using foliage as a backdrop, - just like you'd use a colour wash before painting, and how scent is important in the vase, and unlikely to be as strong in imported flowers. 

When everyone was confident about the different shapes they might need, they were let loose with a bucket of water and snips. 

40 minutes of picking was followed by coffee and cake, while I demonstrated with a jug and my favourite foliage, and just a few blooms. I spoke about not having to make your design symetrical, or follow design "rules" if the flowers were looking pleasing to you. Then it was down to the making, and the level of noise fell while everyone concentrated on using the flowers they had chosen.

As always, despite having exactly the same choice on the field, everyone made completely different displays, in different colour themes, and everyone went home with something they were pleased about .

If you'd like to join us at the Plantpassion field in East Clandon in the Surrey hills, please do look at the website for the next dates for sessions. We hold Cut and Arrange vase, and hand tied bouquet workshops, and if you have a group of 6-8, we can do a bespoke workshop for you.