Our favourite Dahlias this season

Our favourite Dahlias this season

Well I have to say that in comparison to previous years, the 2023 Dahlias have been pants. We've learnt the hard way that our own propagated plants are far better quality than anything bought in, and loosing almost 1000 Dahlia tubers last winter to wet and early cold, has changed the way we organise our Autumn schedule for getting out the Tubers.

But it hasn't all been awful, we've still sold plenty of flowers, and we've actually loved our seed sown flowers (and so have our pick your own ers) so we'll be doing some more of those next year. 

But I thought I'd show you our top 5 for 2023.

1) Our top success for this year, like previous years was Evelyn. Beautiful for bouquets, for weddings and able to go with most colours, this white with a purple eye ball dahlia.

2) Our 2nd variety is also a white, one we just had a few of last year, but Karma Martaan Zwaan is now going to be one of our main white varieties, as it is weather resistant, prolific, and strong stemmed.