Pick your own flowers in the Surrey Hills - your FAQ's answered

Pick your own flowers in the Surrey Hills - your FAQ's answered

If your only experience of pick your own has been Strawberries or Raspberries, with a hot and sticky school child eating far too much (or is that just me) Then Pick your own Flowers are a different type of experience.

Our Pick your own area is bursting with choice for you. We've planted a wide range of Annuals, Perennials, Bulbs and Grasses. Some of them you'll recognise from your gardens, and some of them will be new to you.

This month the Sweet peas, Mallow and Cornflowers are looking great. Next month, the Dahlias, Zinnias and Cosmos will be at their peak.

If you join us for a PYO session, you'll get given a bucket and snips when you arrive. You choose your selection and enjoy picking at your pace.

If you've not picked flowers before, we'll give you a brief instruction, and we'll be around if you need help, but we'll leave you in peace to enjoy the blooms and the scenery.

You can pick as many stems as you can fit in your bucket (or you can have another full or half bucket if you over indulge

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn up at any time?

No, Sorry, we're a working flower farm, so we have our pick your own sessions at the end of the week on a Friday and a Saturday (Apart for our Summer holiday Specials) - You can book and pay in advance on the website.

What can I pick?

You can pick anything in flower in our Pick your own area. We have a wide range of flowers, grasses and foliage, and lots of different colours, - it's a floral sweet shop, and we encourage you to pick whatever you want. We ask that you don't take all of one thing, and there may be some things that we point out aren't yet ready to be picked and may disappoint you by not lasting.

I don't know how to pick flowers will you show me?

Yes, at the start of the session we do a demonstration, but the idea is to have fun, so don't worry about how you pick.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

We'll provide you with a stable bucket to pick into, and a pair of snips to use. Bring a bucket to take the flowers home in, and We ask you to wear sensible clothes and shoes to keep you safe - trainers or boots, not sandals please.