Plantpassion flower farm at Hill top farm from the air

Plantpassion flower farm at Hill top farm from the air

On Tuesday evening we welcomed Martin Bamford to the farm with his Drone Camera.

I've been wanting to have Ariel photos of what we are doing for a long time, and having chatted to Martin after we were both awarded Gold Trademark awards from the Surrey Hills Enterprises, I decided now was the time.

The Bottom of the picture here, is the barn, with our Polytunnels and raised beds, and a circle of chairs in the open as we were expecting a large group of guests to the farm from a Horticultural society.

This great shot shows our main field and its rows of plants and flowers, it also shows how important our foliage shrubs and hedges are to us.

This shot shows our pick your own area, - now mostly planted up, - and also how chalky and light coloured the soil is.

is this how you imagined a flower farm would look? We hadn't picked flowers for 3 days before the photos were taken, so though there might be more colour, but there are plenty of flowers to sell this week, so there were lots of blooms.