Winter wreaths with natural flowers from the field

Winter wreaths with natural flowers from the field

I'm not a Bling type of Woman.

Big Jewellery isn't my style, my earrings are small gold hoops, and there isn't enough gold and silver in our house to warrant any thief making an effort to find my jewellery box.

When it comes to Christmas decorations it's the same. The Christmas tree is decorated with novelties  and things with memories, not shiny things. Our favourite baubles are those from the song the 12 days of Christmas, - no glitter there.

So it's hardly surprising that when it comes to Winter wreaths, i'm a natural decoration fan.

Over the years, I’ve built an excellent collection of field and garden foliage to use for wreath making, and that can make a pretty good display on it's own, 

I talked to a group at Carbon Zero in Guildford last week, and we were discussing the natural decoration that you can find when you look closer at gardens and other spaces, and how those used as Christmas ornaments, not only give you beautiful seasonal decorations, but will reduce your carbon footprint and feed your compost bin, with a zero waste option.

I'd encourage you to look closer at your garden for colour and interest.

Are there any crabapples or Rosehips (we store our rose hips off the bench on a bucket tower in the barn as our mice just love a hip snack. Holly berries or clematis seed heads. Maybe even some chilli pods to give some colour.

Are there pine cones or honesty, dried sedum, nigella, poppy or corncockle seed heads.

Is there any peeling Bark which  is also great for interest, - rolled Eucalyptus bark looks great instead of cinnamon sticks.

There are even flowers to be had in the middle of winter. The last few Sweet Williams, , some Hydrangea heads, Viburnum tinus budding up and starting to bloom.