Workshops are back at Plantpassion for the summer

Workshops are back at Plantpassion for the summer

The last workshop we ran at Plantpassion pre lockdown was 6th March. At that point in time, Coronavirus was just something that was happening to people who'd been on holiday to China or Italy, and apart from making sure I mentioned washing your hands, we had a very cosy workshop in the grow tunnel sowing seeds together.

Now we're in a different world, so yesterday, I invited some local business owners who've been incredibly supportive of me during lockdown to come and test run a socially distant workshop at the farm.

With the floor marked out in the barn to give everyone plenty of room, hand sanitiser on the table, and cleansed sharp secateurs on everyones distanced chairs. I explained about the types of flowers that I use as my "recipe" to make up a bouquet.

We then went onto the field, and the overcast skies gave us ideal conditions for picking in

As well as flowers everyone picked Umbellifers, Seedheads and scented foliage

As usual despite all having the same flowers to pick from everyone chose completely different things to fill their buckets

Then it was time for a demo on bouquet making, 

Then it was over to everyone else

And the finished products

As you can see, there were plenty of smiles captured by Kerry, so I'm happy to say that the workshop season at Plantpassion can begin, do hop over to the website for the first dates, and if you were hoping to join us earlier in the year, watch your inbox for a voucher.