Eco, Ethical,Sustainability Policy

Plantpassion understands that in the current environmental climate we all have to do our bit to help reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate all single use plastic, tackle climate change and ensure that we are an ethical company. The following are our methods of doing this.

All our flowers are grown in the UK. The vast majority (about 99%) are grown on the farm in East Clandon. We do use specialist suppliers for Peonies and Roses and occasionally winter flowers, These are all transported by road, - All grown, none flown. They are all sold locally as well in Surrey and the surrounding area. You can be sure that buying from us you will have a far lower carbon effect than buying from supermarkets or letterbox schemes

We don't use any chemicals on our flowers. Over the years, the mixed crops on our field have encouraged beneficial insects and so we have no need to spray with any materials - organic or not, to ensure our crops are of a high standard. This means you can stick your nose in our flowers and get real scent, not chemical residues.

We don't use any peat mixes in our growing, we recognise that peat is a finite resource and that peat bogs sequester carbon, so we want them left alone, so we use peat free growing media. We add recycled waste material and home made compost to our beds. We also grow in a no-dig method, so very little soil is turned over. This encourages worms and increases the health of the soil, while not releasing any CO2 from ploughing.  We compost all our plant material, and add it back to the field.

All our packaging is recycled and recyclable. We use paper wrap, and send out our bouquets  in glass vases, with paper wrapping. We encourage our customers to recycle with a £5 discount voucher against future bouquet purchases if they return the vases. All our wedding flowers are sent out in recycled vases, and jam jars, and use recycled packaging, all of which we welcome and encourage people to return to use for further recycling.

We use very little single use plastic in our business. We are currently working with suppliers of floristry sundries and bulb and seed packaging which is our last area of single use plastic to cut out. We reuse our propagation pots and trays, our field plastics (Environmesh and weed matting) many many times - and ensure that they are stored between uses to keep them in good shape.

We recognise that Flower farming is physical work, and ensure that our team are all paid above National living wage, provided with all safety equipment and supported to stay healthy.